A Detailed Overview of Survive the End Days

Like they say, knowledge is power and whosoever has it, not only has power but all that comes with it. The Survive the End Days is the book we all ought to read to have that knowledge to help us to know what is happening and to help us to make that decision that would be of help to us.


What Is In “Survive the End Days”?

Many books have been written and published in the market, and many have stood the test of time, in the sense that, their contents and the messages they passed across was duly accepted by the readers. It’s never easy for a writer to write a book that would duly be accepted by the whole readers. Before that is done, you must be sure that first of all the content, name or title of the book and the written words must be in line with the reader’s beliefs, attitudes and emotions for it to have much impact in the wider market.

Readers usually have either a positive or negative perception about a particular book from the title of the book. The way the book is written will determine whether it will have a good sale in the market. People try to criticize books which are not in line with what they believe.

The ‘Survive the End Days’ as a book title is also part of the very many books which have come under the readers’ scrutiny. The book, like others before it, has been criticized by some people that have made out time to read the book. They have found out many flaws, which, to them, are not in line with what they believe. So a book’s title and content will actually attract the readers’ comments either on the positive or critics.


The Introduction of “Survive the End Days”:

The Survive the End Days is a book that is written by Nathan Shepard, a theologian. It is a book written in order to tell how the Bible prophecies are taking real effect in our today’s world. It is a theological book that made references on the Bible. The book was written to point out the many things The Bible made mention and which have been happening daily in our present world.

The book was written to help people to be in readiness of the end time days that will surely be upon us sooner according to the author. It’s a guide, a pact and a word on how people who believe in the end time stories will surely be prepared for it when it eventually comes. The book made us to understand that the leader of America, Barack Obama and some of the Religious leaders have all made a pact, which might have an effect on the world.
The Biblical prophecies are in line with what is happening in the world today of according to The Survive the End Days all put together by the author, Nathan Shepard.


Reviews of “Survive the End Days”:

A review on a book is a kind of criticism and pointing out the failures of the book through having a detailed examination of its content, story and the style used in writing it. The Survive the End Days, as a book, also has its own short comings and failures.

Having a critical evaluation of something is always welcomed because it makes people understand the strength and weakness of that particular thing which is being talked about.

There are many reviews on the book the Survive the End Days which as a matter of fact, is necessary because it is in line with what is obtainable everywhere. To appraise a particular book, a reader has to weigh the contents and the teachings of that particular book in order to make his judgments as a firsthand observant or one that has been in contact with it. The book has come under heavy criticisms and attacks by some readers who felt that the contents, wordings and the teachings are not in any way related to modern nature of our society.

According to one strong critic of the book, the author of the book tries to incite the conservative Christians to have a negative belief about the leader of America. He believes that due to the hate the conservative Christians have against the President, they would easily believe the teachings and the contents of the book.

He also pointed out that the there are many flaws and errors in the prophetic interpretation. The error stems from the fact that, the Anti Christ who the author pointed out as Putin of Russia was never in line with what prophecies written in the Bible said. This is because, according to him, Russia was never part of the Roman Empire, so Putin could never be the Anti Christ pointed out by the book.

Also, he stated that if America is going to fall by 2017, according to the author that the signs and warnings would have been in existence by this time so that all would get prepared and be saved. The book according to him does not really fall in line with the prophecies of the book of the Bible. He said that the book is more of a marketing purpose than one that would impact on the lives of the general populace and readers.

But in as much as the book has failed in the critical appraisal of some readers, there are some people who equally stand firm in what the book is pointing out. Those who support of what the book is all about, said that it has really fashioned them to believe that the Biblical teaching should be embraced by all in respect to what is happening in our modern world.

According to one, the book is a recipe of fear in the sense that it shows us how the many prophecies of the book of the Bible will come upon us. That all must believe in the Biblical teachings and get in line with what the book is talking. This is to make sure that people of America are prepared when the appointed time comes.


What Is The Message Of “Survive the End Days”?

Every written book has a message which it wants the audience or readers to imbibe, grab and to understand. For a reader to understand a book, the book must surely be written in the context in which the person will appreciate and have a clear view of what the book is all about. This is because having a view about the story of the book will enable the reader have a strong argument when analyzing or reviewing the book. If you understand what it is all about, you can lay your arguments either in support of the book or against it. In this case, a critic or somebody that favors it.

So, a published book must be clearly written on the term or language the reader is simply going to understand. It must be directed at the readers in order to capture their minds and make them understand the message that are being passed across. Simply put, it must not confuse the readers.

The book was duly written for a purpose. The author wrote it in order to pass a message around to the general populace and in particular the people living in the United States of America. Many people have come to realize that there is a book of that nature in circulation. Why, because, the book has been in a controversial state ever since it was published.

In as much as the book has a message it passed across, not everybody is in support of the message of the book. It does not go down well with those who don’t believe in the end time stories and prophecies. To them, it doesn’t exist and no one can make them think otherwise.

The book made us to understand that there will be an end time which is going to come sooner than we think. It wants the people especially the Christians to align themselves with the prophecies of end time, so that they will be ready when the time comes. It tells the people to watch out for evils that would befall the world and those which the Bible foretold. It made us to understand all that has been happening in line with the Biblical prophecies and facts.

It tells the world to be watchful and mindful of the expected events that would have a very heavy effect on the populace especially the people living in United States of America. As a matter of fact, the book is a guide and an eye opener for each and every one of us. This is because the existence of mankind is threatened by some forces that would come up and dominate the world.

So, basically, the message the book is trying to pass across to us is that of vigilance, preparedness and commitment to the Biblical facts which is trying to shape the world we are in today. Be prepared and believe in the word that is coming to effect. That is the end time prophecies.
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Is “Survive the End Days” In Line With The Biblical Facts?

Biblical facts and prophecies are those words which the bible rightly pointed to would take place in our time. The Bible used references in many chapters and verses to show us what will happen and that which will define our existence as Humans.

The book made mention of all those facts and prophecies in its contents to address the things that would happen. It delved deep into the teachings of the Bible to buttress its point and make the people to believe what will become of our modern world in the near future. The Bible is used as a reference point when writing the book. The sole aim is to make the people believe in the Biblical prophecies and to believe in the book as well. Call it a catalyst, and you are right.


Why You Must Use “Survive the End Days”

Just like we talked about in the message of the book, we are equally going to talk about the effect of the book and how it concerns us. The book has already made us to know what will happen in our modern world and how we are all going to be affected by it. For us to really know what is in store for all, we must as a matter of fact, be in line with the contents of the book, its teachings and guide. We can never be in line with the book, if we have not been able to get hold of it and glance through it. If we read it and meditate it properly, we can now have an appraisal about the book in its entirety.

The book will tell you what you ought to know in order for you to have a proper outlook of the world and her people and the life itself. Survive the End Days unfolds the many hidden secrets going on among us and which all of us must be in conversant with. This is to help know people that wants good of all the mankind. You can never know this facts and truth if you have not gone through every details of the book. The book is for insightful purposes and that which shapes our minds to discern the good from the bad.

As a book that made reference from the Biblical facts, it shows that book itself wants us to know the truth and to make us to be saved by the truth. Like it is always said, say the truth and the truth shall set you free. So making us to know the truth is imperative, so that the general people of United States of America where the book is mainly directed to will be saved when the appointed time comes. The appointed time in this case now, is the end times.


How To Use “Survive the End Days”

Every book is written and published for the people who will be in hold of it when it comes into circulation. Books are used in a way that you value it. The People that buy books do it in order to go through it, and as well value it. The way a person uses a book make up for the way he understands that particular book which he or she bought.
For this particular book of the Survive the End Days, you must surely use it like your other valued house properties and equipment. It will make you to value the book, the content and the basic teachings and information which the book is passing out. If you value something, it will surely be beneficial to you in the long run.

Go through every details of the book and digest what is in it and it will help you make out what is in the contents. The book ought to be read very well and to ensure that it happens, it must handled with all seriousness and care to help direct the readers mind and attention to the very important factors which is the message of the book to the people. Make adequate use of the book daily and you will be able to tell the story and understand perfectly well what the end times is really all about.


Who Is The Book “Survive the End Days “ Directed Towards?

It is an eye opening book and that which encompasses the Human race, our survival and continued existence in the planet earth. The book is written for all to read, comprehend and help direct our affairs and go in line with what the Biblical prophecies pointed out.

So Survive the End Days is a book that is directed towards the whole people living in the United States of America in particular and the entire world in general. It’s for the benefit of the general people both old and the young. The book is geared towards our survival in time of adversities and conflicts. It wants to help the populace get accustomed to the Biblical prophecies and that which is to happen.

The book is all for the people and the people should embrace its teachings, principles and values. This is to instill the, one; the fear factor in the people so that they would be weary of the Biblical prophecies and help get people prepared on what is to come. The end times are here with us and the people must be aware of that.

No one should say I’m not bothered or concerned about the book and its contents because what is in the book is for our eyes, ears and minds to see, hear and imbibe which will in turn out positively for those who will believe in it and accept it.

Are you still asking whether the book is for you? What everybody should be bothered about now is how to prepare for the end times and all the Biblical prophecies. Embrace it and it will help you figure out what is needed to be done to survive and have a peaceful ending.


Survive The End Days Conclusion

Every story in as much as it starts from somewhere must surely come to the ending part of it. This is equally what our write up is witnessing as well. Our write up is coming to end, but not without giving a nice parting shot.

As we all rightly know, Survive the End Days is a book authored by a theologian by the name Nathan Shepard who is well versed in the knowledge and teachings of the end times. He wrote the book to encourage the people to be well informed about the Biblical prophecies which will shape the survival and existence of the world.

The book is a guide, an insight, and one that would make us to know all about the end time prophecies and how it is going to happen and what we need to do when the time comes.

As a person who wants to have that knowledge about what is to come, you need to have this book in your possession. It will help tell you the truth about all the end times’ prophecies which the book pointed out perfectly. The book is a messenger to the people and the guide to your very survival and existence. It tells of what it is to know by all and sundry.

Survive the End Days has not been accepted by some people as well, but the truth the book is trying to point out will help convince those who have come across the book to believe in the good nature of it. It is written so that the people in United States of America will be conversant with the Biblical prophecies to save them from the end times which will take effect soon. People need to imbibe the teachings of the book and open their minds to the Biblical prophecies.

Some people are blessed with natural wisdom, whereas other people gain it through the very many things they experience in life. Others equally have that wisdom through the knowledge they acquire. Though nature’s gift can be said to be superior and most valued than that of ordinary gift, but nonetheless, the ability of a man to gain that wisdom is all that matters. Having a positive attitude towards something beneficial is all that a man should be proud of.

So in conclusion of this our beautiful piece of article, we encourage all to go for something that would be of beneficial to their lives and their survival. The book is everything you need, to make that decisive decision as regards to the prophecies of end times and the many things that would surely follow it. It will be your guide and the basis of your true survival.

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